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Google Adwords

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Google Adwords Campaign Help

Adwords is Google's PAID service for search results, typically seen in 1-3 results at the top of the results page and down the right side of the page, and possibly again at the bottom. These are paid ads with a subtle yellow-orange “Ad” indicator to the left of the link. While these results don’t get as many clicks as the 10-15 organic results below the 3 ads at the top, they are a quick way to get targeted traffic on your website.

Businesses desiring quick visits to their website can often benefit from a Google Adwords campaign, but may consider getting help setting up & managing their account for better effectiveness.

The best usage of these ads is during the months you’re working on building up your organic rankings, as the organic zone gets the majority of clicks but takes time to get ranked in that area. In the meantime, why not designate a portion of your marketing budget towards some quick leads in the Google Adwords section?

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"Remarketing" is another form of Adwords which actually targets people who have visited your site and left. Once they're on other websites in the Google Ads network, your ad can appear in the advertising portion of that website, showing products or services from your site that they were just looking at recently.

As you know, it often takes a prospect repeated exposure to a brand or message before they trust it and take action. Google's remarketing tool ensures that repeated exposure happens sooner than later, without you having to pay for mass advertising to thousands of people who weren’t interested in the first place. People visit your site, and then your ad follows them around a bit to see if they’re still interested.

We can help you set up and run an effective Google Adwords or remarketing campaign. Contact us today and a rep will help you get started.


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