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Web Video Production


Website Video In ProgressAs an all round digital marketing company, My Web Agent offers clients video production services to help them gain better online exposure. In the past few years, web videos have grown in popularity, and this growth can be attributed to the effectiveness of video marketing.



Of course some of your target audience prefers to read about your business, so it’s important to provide high quality information in written form. But many would rather just click a ‘play’ button and learn about your products or services. Professional videos on YouTube and on your website are the easiest way to reach the more “visually-orientated” segment of your customer base and target audience. And this market is growing.





Wide Range of Video Services in Greater Melbourne

As you can see from one of our more recent video productions, we offer a complete package of planning the script, shooting a variety of angles, recording the audio, and adding various amounts of graphics or accompanying text. And like all our web marketing media, it concludes with a clear call to action.



My Web Agent provides the following web video services:


  • Online advertising
  • Training videos
  • Company overview
  • Product demonstrations
  • Fitness courses
  • Client testimonials
  • YouTube channel creation
  • Video marketing
  • Hiring model and/or spokesperson
  • Video editing
  • Lighting & production solutions



If you’d like to get a quote for your project, contact us today to discuss your needs with a friendly My Web Agent rep who will be glad to help.



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