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Top eCommerce Web Design in Melbourne


Good eCommerce web design can take you from reaching a few locals in Melbourne to selling to thousands of customers all over Australia. But there’s some work involved. It’s not quite as easy as uploading a few product photos and then waking up to 100 new orders.


Proper eCommerce Web Design = Better Performance


The best eCommerce sites did not get there by magic, by accident, or chance. There are dozens of factors that go into making sure your online store actually brings in sales, including:


  • a strong call to action
  • clear navigation
  • logical categorization
  • high quality photos, including multiple angles when possible
  • zoom in functionality
  • thorough product descriptions
  • multiple payment options
  • colour scheme that adds to the flow & style of the site, not distracting from it
  • minimal steps to finalise a sale
  • cross-selling other products
  • & more


Don’t Hide Your eCommerce Site


If you don’t proactively promote your site on social media and within the major search engines, you can expect sub-par sales. At My Web Agent, we can help ensure your eCommerce website design looks good AND gets looked at! SEO for eCommerce sites produces higher Google rankings for the products you list and is the most direct way to make sales from your website. You wouldn’t hesitate to hire a sales rep for $50-80k per year to get good sales from local foot traffic, yet many don’t spend a fraction of that amount with their online store which has the potential to earn much more than one employee.


Attractive presentation. Easy navigation. Aggressive promotion. These are 3 of the most important tools to building a successful eCommerce website. If you’d like to look further into the best online store opportunities, we can help you get started today.


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